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23rd May 2010

1:23pm: Writer's Block: Mega Bite
If you could own a restaurant, what type of food would you serve, and what would you call it?

I'd name it "Mama's House" and serve southern home cooking like grits, greens, mashed potatoes and the like. There would also be a 'no hats at the table' rule and a den area with several couches so people can rest and make room for desert.

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3rd May 2010

9:21pm: thoughts
Why speedskating is in debted to Apolo Ohno

Q: How many people had heard of speedskating (short or long track) before the Salt Lake Olympics in 2002? Aside from the people who were actually involved in the sport, pretty much nobody. There may have been a few olympic enthusiasts who knew about Dan Jansen and Bonnie Blair, but there was little to no public support or interest in the 18 years it's been part of the winter olympics.

Jump to one week before the 2002 Olympics and the network covering has sense enough to do a spot on the new olympic hottie, Apolo Ohno. Millions of teenage girls (including yours truly) see it and immediately swoon and develop a crush on the boy. They watch him skate and since short track is awesome and like nascar on ice, they are hooked (like myself.)

Since then, many (again like myself) have gotten so addicted to this sport that we've learned the rules (a huge undertaking,) kept up with Korean drama and even gone to competitions to cheer on not only our home team, but the other countries' teams. Some have even taken up the sport. One has to only look at J.R. Celski to see how Apolo has inspired a younger generation to start speedskating. And with that attention comes money. Sponsorships, ISU spending money on the championships, money to upgrade the rinks (the addition of padding at the rinks is actually fairly new), money the sport needs to stay afloat.

All because when we were 16, we saw Apolo on television and thought he was cute.

Did any of this make sense? lmao I haven't written here in FOREVER.

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1st February 2010

11:02am: omg lost

title or description

title or description

title or description

title or description

title or description

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2nd December 2009

You have to choose the actors who will play:

Read more...Collapse )

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10th June 2009

6:16am: ST MEETUP?
OK, so the Franklin Drive-in (on 65 South, technically in Kentucky, but about 3 miles from the Tenn. state line) will be doing DOUBLE FEATURES of Up and STAR TREK starting this weekend.

This is short notice, but the showings will be Friday, June 12, Saturday and Sunday. Up starts at 8:30, Star Trek starts at 10:30.


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20th September 2008

1:30pm: Even though I'm fairly active in the livejournal world, I kind of feel like people who know me from communities might come to look at my journal and be like "omg, she's a troll. She doesn't post at all!"
So here's a post for you guys.
I have a journal that I actually update at www.livefreeyounghearts.blogspot.com

I do feel kind of bad that I only use this account to post at communities, but oh well.

Also: Team Underpantz, what.

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28th May 2008

8:52am: NEW ICON.

I'm excited! It's Ben!

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29th December 2007

12:18am: *pets livejournal*

Update: Still haven't stopped listening to Audio DayDream. Don't think I'll stop in the near future. Just can't see it happening.

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5th November 2007

10:23am: I feel as though I've been neglecting poor little livejournal.
My own, anyway.

blog I AM using: livefreeyounghearts.blogspot.com

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8th July 2005

12:34pm: OMG.

yeah. Its been since March since I've seen my own livejournal.
But I have a new Friend! DCOMG!
*ahem* livejournal.com/users/dazed_crazed23
Go visit her. :)

So, I was watching Jerry Springer (LOL) And this girl was pole dancing and he asked her "Have you ever danced on a Pole before?" And she said "no", and he said "Have you ever danced on a Czech?" LOL
I love that man.

wow. I miss you livejournal. *hugs*

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14th March 2005

7:52pm: Joke fun.
yeah, I know, I Haven't updated forever, but I have a joke. And I must tell.

Ok, so these 2 muffins are just chillin in the oven, when one muffin says "wow, its really hot in here."
The other muffin then exclaims "OMG! A talking muffin!"


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9th February 2005

2:46pm: xin nian kwai le-Happy New Year (Mandarin)
chun jie kwai le-Happy Spring Festival (Chinese New Year)

Credit to Friend Amelia!

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5th February 2005

9:09pm: I'm such a sheep.

I finally broke down and got one. The myspace. Will have a picture or two up...soon.
It looks all sad. I only have 2 friends.

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2nd February 2005

8:30pm: Dang it, Bush.
I voted for you, now give me back my shows!
He talked over Lost and Alias!
I wish I lived on the west coast. What is the point of a 'mountain time' zone anyway?

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30th January 2005

1:13pm: Stolen from "superstarof65"
1. YOUR PORN STAR NAME: (Name of first pet + Street you live on): Pepper Stoneway.

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (Name of your favorite snack food + Grandfather's first name): Cheetos Fred. hahaha
3. YOUR FASHION DESIGNER NAME: (First word you see on your left + Favorite restaurant): Harley Sonic.

4. EXOTIC FOREIGNER ALIAS: (Favorite Spice + Last Vacation Spot): Ginger Destin

5. SOCIALITE ALIAS: (Silliest Childhood Nickname + Town Where You First Partied): Monnie Glasgow. wow.

6. "FLY GIRL" ALIAS(a la J. Lo):(First Initial + First Two or Three Letters of your Last Name: A. Dil. hahahaha

7. ICON ALIAS: (Something Sweet Within Sight + Any Liquid in Kitchen): Pepsi Coke. wow. That worked out cool. :)

8. DETECTIVE ALIAS: (Favorite Baby Animal + Where You Went to High School): Hamster Caverna. hmm.

9. BARFLY ALIAS: (Last Snack Food You Ate + Your Favorite Alcoholic Drink): Peanuts ..water. HA.

10. SOAP OPERA ALIAS: (Middle Name + Street Where You First Lived): Jemais Jane.

11. ROCK STAR ALIAS: (Favorite Candy + Last Name Of A Favorite Musician): Twizzler Plant. hahaha

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27th January 2005

3:30pm: *prepare for emo-ness*

People suck. Especially people who talk about sex ALL the time, but then get all hurt, when you tell them that they seem like the kind of person who would make out in a theatre.

Some people are asses.

In other news, I got new mascara. Its teh sex.
I'll wear it tomorrow.
In the mean time, I must get working on my school work. I Must!
Also, Conor was in EW this week! Bright eyes = <3.

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25th January 2005

7:34pm: Don't squander the gold of your days, listening to the tedious, trying to improve the hopeless failure, or giving away your life to the ignorant, the common, and the vulgar. These are the sickly aims, the false ideals, of our age. Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing. . . . The world belongs to you for a season.

Brandon Boyd = <3.

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19th January 2005

8:02pm: Why does he have to be so cute? I swear, I will not get any work done this semester, if he keeps distracting me.
I'm just going to have to stay away from our usual spot, if I have work to do.

In other News..

ALIAS! woot. Weiss knows. And that's fun. So, now its...Syd, Vaughn, Dixon,Spydaddy, Marshall AND Weiss.
And they need to stop the commercials making me think they are going to kill off Vaughn. That's just wrong.

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18th January 2005

2:39pm: So, school started back today. Sarah and I got to take the rapid ride bus. It still has that 'new bus' smell. Met a guy that was Johnny Depp with Orli hair. Fun.
It was cool to see everyone today. And I mean EVERYONE. Just about everybody came over by the piano at once.

I think I was way to excited to go back to school. I got to bored over break.

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16th January 2005

4:49pm: from 'superstarof65"
Ask me 4 questions.
-Any 4, no matter how personal, private or random.
-I have to answer them honestly. I have to answer them all.
-In turn, you post this message in your own journal and you have to answer the questions that are asked of you.

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12th January 2005

I am nerdier than 71% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

I am 81% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

^^ Muahhahaha! beat that.

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9th January 2005

8:33pm: Watching Extreme Makeover-home edition, in the dark.
Wasn't until I turned on the light, that I realized I had picked all my nail polish off.

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6th January 2005

9:42pm: damn you Raych.

a girl died in 1933 by a homicidal murderer. he buried her in the ground when she was still alive. the murdered chanted, "toma sota balcu" as he buried her. now that you have read the chant, you will meet this little girl. in the middle of the night she will be on your ceiling. she will suffocate you like she was suffocated. if you post this, she will not bother you. your kindness will be rewarded.

I can't believe I just did that.
I'm just making my supersticious side happy.
Happy supersticious side?
Supersticious side:" Yes. Oh, yes."


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9:21pm: Sally: "Amber! Where have you been? Jack and I have missed you!"
Amber: "I know Sally. I've been neglectful. I'm sorry. I shall update."
Sally: "oh yay!"

So Brendan isn't coming home for break, as was planned. Because of the Tsunami, he and the whole group are going down to the coast of India to help with the clean up. He said that the room mate of his friend was found. Him and his family died in the ordeal, but their bodies were found and were given a proper burial.

Well, that was a wonderful way to start a post. So...Not much happened on Christmas. I'm (trying) to learn how to knit. All I've gotten so far, is scarf making. Its the easiest. I like knitting. It makes me feel like an grandma for some reason.
A BIG welcome home to ERIN! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas break!

...what else...
Amber:" Sally, did I forget anything?"
Sally:" hmm..Oh! Did you watch the season premire of Alias, after what was, quite possibly, the best episode of Lost?"
Amber:" Why yes I did! I cried at the end of Lost. Poor Dommie. And I'm actually starting to not like Kate. And liking Sawyer more. :)
Alias was abso-freaking- lutly Great! I had forgotten how much I missed Weiss and Marshall! Its going to be interesting to see where this "APO" thing goes."

Question...For anyone who saw both The Last James Bond movie (the one with Halley Berry) and Alias....the guy that played Zao in james bond....Was that, or wasn't that the guy that played the bad guy( I can't remember his name) on Alias? I swear, its the same guy, but my dad says no.
Amber:" what do you think Sally?"
Sally:" Oh, it has to be him."
Jack :" Definitly."
Amber:"Jack and Sally wouldn't lie."

Its not strange that I'm talking to my icon, is it?

I think I'm going to dye my hair blond. How kick-ass would that be?
Sally: "It would be so kick-ass, that Sydney would be scared of it."
I thought so.
The problem: Getting up the guts to do it.

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